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Bona R848 Wood Flooring Adhesive

Bona R848 Wood Flooring Adhesive
Bona R848 Wood Flooring Adhesive
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  • Brand: Bona
  • Model: SA020
  • MPN: R848
  • Size: 15kg
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Bona R848  - Single part Silane based flexible wood flooring adhesive


An elastic 1-component Silane based adhesive suitable for the installation of engineered hardwood flooring, parquet mosaics, woodblock and pre-finished or unfinished solid strip and plank upto 190mm wide

  • 1-component, easy to use
  • Excellent initial grab
  • Rapid shear strength development, ready for furniture and foot traffic after 1 day
  • Water and solvent free – hardens by chemical reaction with moisture
  • Good adhesion to most substrates
  • Easy to clean – splashed adhesive can easily be removed
  • Firm texture – retains trowel notch

Suitable Sub-Floors

Cementitious screed – according to EN 13813

Levelling compounds (minimum 2mm thick, resistant against plasticizer migration)

Calcium Sulfate Screed – according to EN 13813

Chipboard V100, Plywood, OSB

Other dry and sound sub-floors



Substrate must in general be even, dry, clean free from cracks and physically sound

The surface should be slightly textured to aid adhesion

A primer is typically not required



After opening the bucket remove protective foil and any hardened adhesive at the edges

The adhesive should be applied evenly using a notched trowel

Flooring should be laid into the wet adhesive and pressed down firmly duriing the open time (approx 30 minutes)



3mm notched trowel – installation of Parquet Mosaics – approx 900g/m2 (16-17m2 / 15kg tub)

5mm notched trowel – Engineered, Parquet Woodblocks, Solid Wood Planks – approx 1200g/m2 (13-14m2 / 15kg tub)

Note: adhesive consumption will be higher on uneven or course surfaces


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