Boen Stained Oak FloorsBoen classic oak range stained to produce something just a little different.

Available in 3-strip and plank designs in satin or matt lacquer or natural oiled.

Castle collection available in 138 and 209mm widths with bevelled edges on 2 sides.

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Oak Cordoba 3-strip

Boen Oak Cordoba 3-strip ..

£36.75 / m2 + vat

Oak Oregon 3-strip

Boen Oak Oregon 3-strip E..

£36.75 / m2 + vat

Oak Toscana 3-strip

Boen Oak Toscana 3-strip ..

£36.75 / m2 + vat

Oak Alamo 3-strip

Boen Oak Alamo 3-strip En..

£37.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Coral 3-strip

Boen Oak Coral 3-strip En..

£37.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Old Grey 3-strip

Boen Oak Old Grey 3-strip..

£37.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Pearl 3-strip

Boen Oak Pearl 3-strip En..

£37.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Sand 3-strip

Boen Oak Sand 3-strip Eng..

£37.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Fineline White

Boen Oak Fineline Multi-S..

£38.95 / m2 + vat

Oak Arizona 3-strip

Boen Oak Arizona 3-strip ..

£39.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Barrel Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Barrel Bevelled ..

£48.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Honey Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Honey Bevelled P..

£48.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Old Grey Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Old Grey Bevelle..

£48.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Alamo Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Alamo Bevelled P..

£52.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Graphite Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Graphite Bevelle..

£52.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Coral Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Coral Bevelled P..

£55.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Pearl Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Pearl Bevelled P..

£56.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Arizona Plank

Boen Oak Arizona Plank En..

£57.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Cordoba Plank

Boen Oak Cordoba Plank En..

£58.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Oregon Plank

Boen Oak Oregon Plank Eng..

£58.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Stone Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Stone Bevelled P..

£58.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Toscana Plank

Boen Oak Toscana Plank En..

£58.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Grey Pepper Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Grey Pepper Beve..

£58.95 / m2 + vat

Oak Sand Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Sand Bevelled Pl..

£58.95 / m2 + vat

Oak Brown Jasper Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Brown Jasper Bev..

£59.95 / m2 + vat

Oak Grey Harmony Plank

Boen Oak Grey Harmony&nbs..

£66.95 / m2 + vat

Oak Horizon Bevel Plank

Boen Oak Horizon Bev..

£67.75 / m2 + vat

Oak Warm Cotton Plank

Boen Oak Warm Cotton Beve..

£67.75 / m2 + vat
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