Boen Design FloorsPrestige 10mm thick parquet design floors suitable for installation in various designs, including Herringbone, Basketweave and Brickbond.

10 x 70 x 590mm strips with 3.5mm hardwood top layer

Directly glue to sub-floor with MS Polymer adhesive

Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems (except Beech and Maple)


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Beech Bellevue

Boen Beech Bellevue Engin..

£35.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Basic

Boen Oak Basic Engineered..

£36.75 / m2 + vat

Ash Baltic

Boen Ash Baltic Engineere..

£39.25 / m2 + vat

Oak Baltic White

Boen Oak Baltic White Eng..

£41.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Nature

Boen Oak Nature Engineere..

£42.25 / m2 + vat

Beech Nature

Boen Beech Nature Enginee..

£42.95 / m2 + vat

Oak Toscana

Boen Oak Toscana Engineer..

£44.50 / m2 + vat

Smoked Oak Nature

Boen Smoked Oak Nature En..

£45.75 / m2 + vat

Oak Nature White

Boen Oak Nature White Eng..

£46.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Arizona

Boen Oak Arizona Engineer..

£46.95 / m2 + vat

Ash Nature

Boen Ash Nature Engineere..

£47.50 / m2 + vat

Oak Select

Boen Oak Select Engineere..

£49.25 / m2 + vat

Merbau Nature

Boen Merbau Nature Engine..

£53.75 / m2 + vat

Maple Nature

Boen Maple Nature Enginee..

£57.50 / m2 + vat

Walnut Baltic

Boen Walnut Baltic Engine..

£60.95 / m2 + vat

Walnut Nature

Boen Walnut Nature Engine..

£62.50 / m2 + vat

Cherry Nature

Boen Cherry Nature Engine..

£67.50 / m2 + vat
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