Screed and Flooring Adhesives

Floor adhesives and ScreedsRange of adhesives and floor preparation materials to ensure your sub-floor is smooth and damp free prior to installing a new hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring.

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Premium Water Resistant PVA

Premium Water Resistant P..

£4.95 each + vat

Flexible Colour Sealant

Flexible Coloured Sealant..

£5.50 each + vat

Rewmar FlexyFix Adhesive

Rewmar FlexyFix Adhesive ..

£6.95 each + vat

Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive 1kg

Rewmar MS650 Polymer Wood..

£7.50 each + vat

Rewmar Hand & Tool Wipes

Rewmar Hand & Tool Wi..

£7.95 each + vat

Stopgap 400

Stopgap 400 Repair Mortar..

£14.95 each + vat

F46 Acrylic adhesive

F46 Acrylic Adhesive &..

£23.75 each + vat

F48 Acrylic adhesive

F48 High Temperature Adhe..

£24.95 each + vat

Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive 6kg

Rewmar MS Polymer Wood Fl..

£31.95 each + vat

Stopgap 500

Stopgap 500 Microcoat Smo..

£33.75 each + vat

Rewmar RP Primer/Moisture Barrier

Rewmar RP Rapid PU Primer..

£56.95 each + vat

Rewmar MB Epoxy DPM 4.8kg

Rewmar MB Epoxy DPM &n..

£58.95 each + vat

Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive 16kg

Rewmar MS Polymer Wood Fl..

£74.95 each + vat
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