Kahrs oak Engineered FlooringKahrs Oak is a popular wood with a distinct grain that mellows with age.

Available in 3-strip, 2-strip, plank and dutch pattern with a variety of surface finishes:- satin / matt lacquer, brushed surface, kahrs nature oiled or white pigmanted

Kahrs Oak has a brunell hardness value of 3.7

Designs start from £29.95/m2 to £59.95/m2 + vat

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Oak Lecco 3-strip

Kahrs Oak Lecco 3-strip H..

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Oak Erve 3-strip

Kahrs Oak Erve 3-strip Ha..

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Oak Siena 3-strip

Kahrs Oak Siena 3-strip H..

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Oak Vienna 3-strip

Kahrs Oak Vienna 3-strip ..

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Oak Verona 2-strip

Kahrs Oak Verona 2-strip ..

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Oak Palazzo Rovere

Kahrs Oak Palazzo Rovere ..

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Oak Winchester Plank

Kahrs Oak Winchester 1-st..

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Oak Staffordshire Plank

Kahrs Oak Staffordshire 1..

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Oak Hampshire Plank

Kahrs Oak Hampshire 1-str..

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Oak Cornwall Plank

Kahrs Oak Cornwall 1-stri..

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Oak Jersey Plank

Kahrs Oak Jersey 1-strip ..

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Oak Burgundy Plank

Kahrs Oak Burgundy 1-stri..

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Oak Camino Plank

Kahrs Oak Camino 1-strip ..

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Oak Straw Plank

Kahrs Oak Straw 1-strip P..

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