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Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Underlay

Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Underlay

Tuplex - Timbertech - Workpro - Protech - Rewmar

Flooring UnderlayFlooring Underlay for use with Solid Hardwood, Engineered, Veneer and laminate flooring

WorkPro Tack for use with Solid Hardwood Plank

Tuplex, TimberTech, WorkPro Life and Protech for use with Engineered and Laminate flooring

Rewmar Slotted underlay for acoustic bonded system for Solid Hardwood or Engineered floors


£0.65 / m2

1000 gauge polythene damp-proof membrane - protection against damp over concrete floors when installing hardwood flooring, veneer or laminate floors50m2 or 100m2 rolls available ..
£32.50 / roll
Ex Tax:£27.08

£0.75 / m2

600 gauge clear polythene vapour barrier, for additional protection against moisture beneath wood and laminate flooringPack size 4m x 5m ..
£15.00 / pack
Ex Tax:£12.50

£1.30 / m2

1000 gauge clear polythene for full damp-proof specification in a handy 10m2 roll, use between engineered hardwood or laminate flooring and concrete sub-floor for protection against dampRoll size 2m x 5m ..
£13.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£10.83

£2.00 / m2

Waterproof building paper for moisture control, meeting requirments of BS51521 AF  Roll size: 12.5m2 or 25m2 ..
£30.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£25.00

£2.25 / m2

Crosslinked closed cell Polyolefin foam underlay. Suitable for use with Laminate, Veneer and Engineered hardwood flooring. Compression resistant foam, lightweight and easy to fit. Impact sound insulation 18db ..
£22.50 / roll
Ex Tax:£18.75

£3.00 / m2

Tuplex underlay New-generation, sound resistant underlay, it can be used underneath laminate floors as well as veneered and all engineered hardwood floorsTuplex comprises of two layers of solid polyethylene to provide a dual moisture barrier, with flexible polystyrene granules sandw..
£30.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£25.00

£3.50 / m2

Dense PE foam featuring ultimate damp protection. Protech is laminated with a full 1000 gauge damp proof membrane, with an overlap joint sealing system Suitable for use with Laminate, Veneer and Engineered hardwood flooring Compression resistant foam, lightweig..
£35.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£29.17

£4.00 / m2

3mm thick chemically crosslinked closed cell polyolefin foam underlay, developed for use as an acoustic underlay for engineered and solid hardwood floors, must be used with Rewmar MS650 MS polymer adhesive between the pre-cut slotsTransmitted sound reduction of upto 19db 8.25 m2 and..
£33.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£27.50

£5.00 / m2

All in one rubber underlay for use with laminate and engineered wooden floors. Offers up to 20dB reduction on transmitted impact noise and incorporates a silver moisture proof backing. Roll weight = 5m2 roll = 12.75kg - 10m2 roll =25.50kg ..
£25.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£20.83

£5.50 / m2

1.8mm thick Perforated PE foam underlay specially designed for underfloor heating systems Unique perforated design and ultra low tog value of just 0.35 means your underfloor heating system works more efficiently Dense closed cell polyethylene material, light weight and easy..
£55.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£45.83

£6.00 / m2

High quality underlay made from crosslinked polyolefin foam with a strong adhesive coating on one side, covered with a peelable protective film. A simple, clean and quick way to fit a solid hardwood floor over concrete or timber subfloors without nails, clips or glueRoll Size: 1m x 10m..
£60.00 / roll
Ex Tax:£50.00

£6.50 / m2

TimberTech2 Gold Acoustic Underlay All in one rubber underlay for use with laminte, veneer and engineered hardwood floors. Offers upto 23db reduction on transmitted impact noise and incorporates a moisture proof backing. Roll weight - 5m2 roll = 15.50kg - 10m2 ..
£32.50 / roll
Ex Tax:£27.08
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