Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Underlay

Flooring UnderlayFlooring Underlay for use with Solid Hardwood, Engineered, Veneer and laminate flooring.

WorkPro Tack for use with Solid Hardwoods.

Tuplex, TimberTech, WorkPro Life and Protech for use with Engineered and Laminate flooring.

Rewmar Slotted underlay for acoustic bonded system for Solid Hardwood or Engineered floors.


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Polythene damp-proof membrane

Polythene damp-proof memb..

£0.55 / m2 + vat

Vapour Barrier 20m2

Polythene Vapour Barrier ..

£0.70 / m2 + vat

Damp Proof Membrane 10m2

Polythene damp-proof memb..

£1.20 / m2 + vat

Reinforced Kraft Paper

Reinforced kraft paper ..

£1.52 / m2 + vat

WorkPro Life

Workpro Life Underlay ..

£2.00 / m2 + vat

Tuplex Underlay

Tuplex underlay  ..

£2.50 / m2 + vat

Rewmar Slotted Underlay

Rewmar Slotted Underlay&n..

£3.03 / m2 + vat

Protech Underlay

Protech PE Foam Underlay ..

£3.50 / m2 + vat

TimberTech2 Silver Plus

Timbertech2 Silver Plus A..

£4.50 / m2 + vat

WorkPro Tack

WorkPro Tack Underlay ..

£4.55 / m2 + vat

QuickTherm Underlay

QuickTherm underlay for u..

£4.60 / m2 + vat

TimberTech2 Gold

TimberTech2 Gold Acoustic..

£4.95 / m2 + vat
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