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Bona Mix and Fill Joint Filler

Bona Mix and Fill
Bona Mix and Fill Joint Filler
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Bona Mix and Fill Joint Filler


A waterborne joint filler designed to be mixed with sanding dust

Mix and Fill is used to fill joints upto 2mm wide and other minor defects in wood

Can be used with practically all wood species

Works with all finishing lacquers, varnish and oils

Solvent free

Dries quickly

Easy to sand 

Always the right colour for your wood



The surface must be clean, dry and free from contamination

Floors should be sanded back to bare wood, final sanding with 100 grit paper, dust from the final sanding should be retained to mix the filler




Shake well prior to use 

Mix and Fill should be mixed with the retained sawdust to a 'porridge-like' consistency

Apply with a stainless steel spatula

Ready for sanding after approx 20 minutes (depending on depth of gaps / room temperature)


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