Oak Nature 3-strip

Berry Alloc Ecoforest Oak Nature 3-strip
  • Brand: Berry Alloc
  • Product Code: BA602
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Board Size: 210 x 1180mm
  • Hardwood Top Layer: 3.3mm
  • Pack Size: 1.9824m2 - full packs only
  • Availability: 7 - 10 days
£35.50 / m2 + vat

£70.29 / pack (1.9824m2) + vat

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Entrance Mats

Use doormats both inside and outside the house to prevent gravel and grit

Felt Pads

Apply felt pads / castor cups to furniture to avoid scratches

Bona Cleaning Kit

Clean regularly with dry dust mop (Bona floor mops and Microfibre dusting pad are ideal)

Bona Spray Mop


Clean the hardwood floor with suitable Wood Floor Cleaner and mop with cleaning pad




Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

Osmo Wash and Care

Treatex Floor Care


Recommended Floor Cleaners:-

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – suitable for lacquer finished floors and laminate flooring

Bona Cleaner for oiled floors – suitable for natural, hardwax and UV oiled floors

Osmo Wash and Care – for oiled or hardwax floors, lacquer finished flooring and laminate floors

Treatex Floor Care – for natural, hardwax and UV oiled floors


Never use excess water when cleaning your floor


Bona Oil Refresher


Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

Oil finish floors should be maintained with Bona Oil Refresher or Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner


Bona Floor Polish


Lacquer finish floors should be maintained with Bona Wood Floor Polish (Matt) or Bona Wood Floor Refresher (Satin)



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Quantity discounts applied automatically:-

Order over 20 packs (39.65m2) = £33.50/m2 / £66.33/pack + vat

Order over 40 packs (79.30m2) = £32.50/m2 / £64.35/pack + vat

Oak Nature 3-strip - Satin or Brushed, Matt Lacquer Finish


Natural grade 3-strip oak with small knots upto 10mm, straight grain and little sapwood

14 x 210 x 1180mm boards - 8 boards per pack = 1.9824m2

HDF core material with 3.3mm oak top-layer

Available with either a satin lacquer or brushed, matt lacquer finish

Berry Alloc 'Best Loc' clic joint system for easy installation (instructions included in each pack)

Install as a floating floor over a suitable underlay

Recommended for use with underfloor heating systems

100% manufactured in France


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