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Gyant Light - Ocean V4 Laminate Floor

Gyant Light
Gyant Light
Gyant Light
Gyant Light
Gyant Light - Ocean V4 Laminate Floor
£23.50 /m2
£51.70 / pack
Ex Tax: £43.08
  • Availability: 7 - 10 days
  • Brand: Berry Alloc Laminate
  • Model: 62001318

Gyant Light – a rustic grade pale grey / white oak effect laminate floor with a selection of large knots and colour / grain variation

Berry Alloc Ocean V4 range has a water resistant core – treated with Hydro Plus water repelling technology, designed for use everywhere, including kitchens and bathrooms

Easy fitting DuoLoc clic joint system and micro bevelled edges

Real Wood Structure - a realistic surface texture with an irregular embossing that perfectly complements the wood design

Class 32 - AC4 grade heavy domestic / commercial use

Board size: 8 x 190 x 1288mm

9 planks per pack = 2.20m2 - full packs only

Installation - float over a suitable underlay - Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems

Manufactured in Belgium


This colour is also available in 3 other Berry Alloc Ranges:-

Impulse – 8mm thick planks with square edges

Ocean – a water resistant laminate, treated with Hydro Plus water repelling technology, 8 x 190 x 1288mm planks with square edges

Glorious –  extra-long 9 x 190 x 2038mm planks with micro bevel edge on 4 sides, AC4 grade with 5g clic joint system



Entrance Mats

Use doormats both inside and outside the house to prevent gravel and grit

Felt Pads

Apply felt pads / castor cups to furniture to avoid scratches

Bona Cleaning Kit

Clean regularly with dry dust mop (Bona floor mops and Microfibre dusting pad are ideal)

Bona Spray Mop


Clean the laminate flooring with suitable Floor Cleaner and mop with cleaning pad


Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner

Osmo Wash and Care


Recommended Floor Cleaners:-


Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner – suitable for laminate flooring, vinyl, ceramics, marble and stone


Osmo Wash and Care – for oiled or hardwax floors, lacquer finished flooring and laminate floors


Never use excess water when cleaning your floor



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